First Baptist Church of Springfield
Sunday, September 24, 2017
Sharing Hope Through the Love of God

Church Officers

As set forth by Article 2 of the By-Laws of the

First Baptist Church of Springfield


Chairman of the Deacons: Keith Lancaster 



Church Clerk: Neca Bennett 

Treasurer: Alec Metzer 


Chairman of the Trustees: Tommy Exley 


Music Director: Susan Hartzog


Chairman of the Ushers: 

Committee Chairpersons:

Awana- Michelle Evans

Bereavement Ministry- Margaret Coombe

Baptismal Committee- Shirley Morgan

Benevolence- Jimmy Sapp

Building/Planning Committee- Alec Metzger

Church Grounds- Keith Lancaster

Church History- Margie Sullivan

Church Library- Regina Blewett

Maintenance Committee- BJ Rush

Church Pastor Relations- Colleen Webb

College/Career Committee- Jim Walsh

Computer Technology- Jimmy Rutland

Decorating Committee- Jane Lee

Disaster Relief Committee- Don Caphton

Family Promise- Colleen Webb

Good News Club- Jennifer Hogg

Hospitality Committee- Cindy Metzger

Legal Risk Mgt Team- Ed Reddick

Lord’s Supper Committee- Rachel Kight

Men’s Ministries- Floyd Zettler

                                Hollis Black

Mission Task Force- Tricia Myrick

Nursing Home Ministry- Margaret Coombe

Nursery Manager- Rose Mary Tebeau

Prayer Committee- Patricia Wilson

Prayer Chapel/Garden – Patricia Wilson

Publicity Committee- Bebe Exley

Scholarship Committee- Neca Bennett

Shut in Committee-

Sound/Video- Bobby Smith

Student Ministry- David Sharp (Minister) | Colleen Webb (Chair)

Teller Committee- Margie Sullivan

Vehicle Committee- Mose Mock

Visitation Ministry- Margaret Coombe

Wedding Committee-

Wednesday Supper- Randy Wendelken & Mose Mock 

Weekday Education- Diane Skinner

Welcoming Committee

Worship Committee- Susan Hartzog

Women’s Ministry- Nancy Horton

Constitution & By Laws- Brett Bennett

Debt Retirement- Mona Ratchford

Finance Committee- Pete Clements

Nominating Committee- Ashby Rush

Trustees- Tommy Exley

Personnel Committee- Bobby Rush